Bike Giveaway to Local Schools

(No photos of this one – we really must try harder at this!)

Because Recyke relies on donations of bikes, we have very little control over our incoming stock. Sometimes we get a glut of ladies bikes, and sometimes it’s road bikes. And either side of Christmas, we always get more children’s bikes than we know what to do with.

Rather than seeing this as a problem, we identified a great opportunity to help some of the local schools near to our Byker railway arches. So yesterday morning we gave 28 bikes a final safety check, pumped up their tyres, and loaded them into the back of a van. Then two of our wonderful volunteers, Roger and Derek, played the role of The Bike Fairy and visited Hotspur Primary, Chillingham Road Primary, Walkergate Primary, and Byker Primary to deliver a fleet of bikes to each school. These can be used for PE lessons, or for loan bikes when pupils do Bikeability, or can even just be given direct to children whose parents can’t afford a bike.

This is a great example of how, because of Recyke y’bike’s charity status, we get to do things that don’t make us any money, but do put smiles on people’s faces and do make a difference to the community.

If you’d like to get involved and to help us make a slightly better world, why not check out the aptly named Get Involved page on this site?