Kids Bikes

Easter has brought a real glut of smaller kids bikes, and we’re quite literally running out of space.

So if you’ve a bike that was previously ridden by a child under about eight years old, and were thinking of donating it to us, please can you hold off… for the next few weeks.

What we do desperately need are:

  • Bikes for older children – 24″ wheels or smaller-framed bikes with 26″ wheels.
  • Mountain bikes with 26″ or 29er wheels. We’re especially looking for budget bikes – if it cost you under £200 when new, we’d REALLY appreciate your donation!
  • Adult town and hybrid bikes
  • Adult road bikes, racing bikes and touring bikes – anything with “drop” handlebars

If in doubt, bring it down to us – you’d be amazed at what we can do. 🙂