Poets’ Corner

We asked Melissa, who’s one of our volunteers to help with some words for the shop signage at The Journey this week. She did most of the work on this website for us, and is a bit of a wordsmith. So along with some great, catchy ideas, she also sent us a little poem to explain what Recyke is all about:

If you need a used bike,
We’ve ones that you’ll like.
Want to repair and to fix?
We will teach you our tricks.
Should you want to donate,
(And whatever it’s state
We will fix that up, too,
‘Til it works just like new)
You can leave it and we
Will sell it on or see
If it stands up to the
Terrain of Africa
We will get it to folks
Who need transport with spokes.
And if you volunteer
To help out around here
Recyke y’Bike will be
Like your new family.
True, it’s a rarity,
Our little bike charity.

Well it made us smile on a cold January morning!