Our Partners

We work with several partners on a regular basis; these relationships help both parties to achieve more.

We send around 75 bikes a month to partners Key Enterprises who ship them to schools in The Gambia. The bikes are used to enable children living in remote areas to access education. The bikes needed for this are more robust, basic models, which make it easier for people to maintain and source the spares for them. We also send around 40 bikes each month to Deerbolt Prison. These bikes are refurbished by young offenders, providing them with skills which they can use upon release.

We work with Wheels 2 Work in Durham to provide bikes which enable people to access or sustain employment.

The case study below highlights the difference a bike can make:

“K Applied in April of this year for a bike and he is still using the bike every day to and from work and cycles into Durham city for his grocery shopping,

It  would be a 40-minute walk to work  for him if he didn’t have the use of the bike.

The bicycle scheme from Wheels 2 Work has really helped him.”

K said “With the hills in Durham city centre it is keeping me fit.”


We also regularly co-deliver work with Kids Kabin who share their street work expertise and benefit for Recyke y’bike’s mechanical expertise. Our work with children and young people in Byker is supported by the Byker Children and Young People’s Partnership and in particular by Partnership Manager Emma Leggott who has helped evaluate and shape our offer.