A volunteer testimonal

“After volunteering with many different places at Newcastle and becoming unemployed working with Your Homes Newcastle, I was really desperate to find a right job for me.
One day Paulina from Newcastle Futures, who was helping me to find a job again, told me about a bike mechanic job advertised at Recyke y’bike. I had a job interview with Recyke y’bike as a bike mechanic but I couldn’t get a position. However, falling love with bikes, experience as pro cyclist in my past and running another bike repair project for couple of years with the Conversion Group at the Old Star and Shadow building, made me to join Recyke y’bike as a volunteer to be more occupied.
I was already studying English and Electrical Installation with Newcastle College and working as a volunteer in many different places too but I was enjoying more working with Recyke y’bike. Of course it wasn’t because I love bikes; I had experience working with Sustrans and British Cycling in the past but I enjoyed Recyke y’bike more.
I would say three more important reason made me feel comfortable working with them.
1- Many amazing people, being open to people from other backgrounds, super friendly and patient if English isn’t your first language.
2- Such an amazing idea to recycle bikes, encouraging people to use bikes, helping environment and teaching people how to fix a bike.
3- Opportunity of receiving a qualification on the end.
Now, I work full time as a project engineer on power electric and I feel I belong where I work.
I still go to see people at Recyke y’bike because I feel they are my amazing friends in our community.”