Brilliant Byker Bike Ride

Last Saturday a squad of some of our regular shop visitors from Byker Primary plus Emma from Byker Community Trust, Dave from Walker YMCA and our very own Peter and Sara N set off to explore the banks of the Tyne on bikes. Before we set off we made sure we kitted everyone out, including providing bikes for those who didn’t have them, checking the bikes of those who brought their own, fitting everyone with helmets and rummaging around for gloves, scarves and extra layers as the weather was looking decidedly damp. We’d changed our route to a shorter lower one because of the conditions and headed to the pedestrian tunnel where we refuelled with sandwiches handmade by Emma! Optimistically we ordered pizza to be delivered to Recyke y’bike in one hour and set off on the return leg on the south side of the Tyne. After stopping every 10 meters or so to add or remove layers, fix punctures or grab a drink, progress was a little slower on the way back. Hard lessons were learnt about the downside of cycling through giant puddles! Some great team work and mutual encouragement eventually got us back across the Millennium bridge and back to Byker with one last climb back up to Recyke to enjoy some cold pizza! Time to plan our next adventure….