International Women’s Day #IWD2021

At Recyke we’re passionate about getting more people on bikes as we believe that bikes are brilliant and can tackle a number of health and social issues. A bike provides an affordable means of transport, it’s healthy, sustainable and lots of fun! 

We get more people cycling by making bikes affordable and by sharing our mechanical knowledge so that more people can ride confidently and keep their bikes in safe working order. We aim to create opportunities and reduce barriers for everyone, particularly under-represented groups. We’re particularly keen to support more women to cycle as statistics show that, in the UK, women cycle less frequently and cover less miles than women. To encourage more women to cycle we’ve launched an offer of 50% off essential cycling equipment throughout the week beginning the 8th of March to celebrate International Women’s Day. 

There are lots of national statistics demonstrating how women are underrepresented in cycling but let’s look at it purely from a Recyke y’bike perspective. We currently employ ten members of staff, eight are men. The vast majority of our volunteer team are men. Six out of our seven trustees are men. Two thirds of people referred to us for a free bike are men. We recognise that as an organisation we have more to do to achieve a better gender balance. 

We know that being anti-discriminatory is not enough, we need to be proactive to encourage under represented groups. Our plan to achieve this is still a work in progress but includes revising our Equality and Diversity Policy, partnering with other organisations to provide bikes, training and volunteering taster sessions, providing training for staff, volunteers and trustees and learning from other organisations who are working to become more inclusive. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts about how we can develop this work further. Get in touch!