It’s Here – The Energy Saving Trust’s ‘Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme’.

Following lots of anticipation, the Government finally announced that the ‘Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme’ would be open for voucher applications from Tuesday 28 July at 23:45.

This means that you can now apply for a £50 voucher to put towards the cost of a repair (terms and conditions apply). 

The scheme is aimed at getting unused bikes back on the road.

Information about the scheme from the Department of Transport and links to take you to the Energy Saving Trust £50 voucher application can be found here…


Following the announcement on the 28th, Recyke y’bike have already received lots of emails and phone calls regarding this scheme. Most of the questions are asking if certain bikes and repairs can be accepted. 

Just like you, we have not yet seen the voucher application process. But we do know that there is a full list of terms and conditions and eligibility criteria provided during your voucher application process. 

Recyke y’bike also has to follow the same terms and conditions. Therefore, we cannot accept repairs that fall outside the scheme’s eligibility criteria. It’s important that Recyke y’bike follow the terms to ensure we are correctly reimbursed by the Energy Saving Trust who are administering the scheme. 

Please be patient while we get to grips with the system and its conditions.

Here is another brief recap of the basic terms. The main eligibility criteria are…


“The repairs must be necessary to make the bike roadworthy and fit for purpose”


Repairs CAN include…


  • Repair or replacement of tyres, tubes, wheels and related components
  • Adjust, repair or replace brake system components
  • Adjust, repair or replace transmission system components
  • Repair or replace other essential components which prevent safe use of the cycle


Some things NOT included in the scheme…


  • Replacement or upgrade of existing safe and roadworthy components
  • Replacement or repair of removable lighting accessories
  • The purchase of parts and accessories for you to repair your own bike


Please check our availability and turnaround times before applying for a voucher

Bikes must be repaired to meet the legal requirements of the law relating to cycle roadworthiness. This means we cannot just repair part of your bike in order to minimise costs for you. We must carry out all the repairs required to make the bike safe and roadworthy. We will give you an estimate for the total cost of repair when you drop your bike off. Your voucher will cover £50 of the total cost.

Due to the high demand for repairs across the cycle industry at the moment, only 50,000 vouchers are being released in this initial phase of the scheme.

We will create a FAQ section about the scheme as soon as we have more information and more experience of the process.