The role of a Recyke y’bike Trustee

Trustees are absolutely essential to the running of any charity. Trustees share overall responsibility for governing the charity and directing how it’s managed. They are unpaid volunteers. Trustees have a legal duty to act in the charity’s best interests, manage its resources responsibly and act with reasonable care and skill. 

At Recyke y’bike our trustees come from different backgrounds but are all enthusiastic cyclists and passionate about helping the charity to fulfil its purpose. In a normal month each trustee dedicates roughly 5 hours per month to attending meetings or following up on actions. This might increase in periods of flux (like in a pandemic!).  As well as Trustee Meetings most trustees also sit on a sub-group (Finance, Marketing, Staff and Volunteers) or contribute to short term working groups to focus on specific issues. 


“Although it sounds cheesy, it’s a real privilege to be a trustee of Recyke y’bike. It’s a fantastic organisation, providing bike shaped happiness to loads of people, some of whom are the most vulnerable in our communities. It’s hard work; the corona virus has meant we have had to introduce a whole new way of working, making sure we are still able to keep going, however challenging. Our staff and volunteers are amazing; dedicated, committed, innovative and  cheerful, despite all. It feels like being part of a big, noisy family, all of whom are mad keen on bikes, and introducing people to the joys of cycling.” 


Some of our trustees also volunteer in our shops or workshop, helping with the practical tasks that keep the wheels turning at Recyke y’bike. 


“Having been volunteering at Recyke y’Bike for several years I have been uplifted many times  by the enjoyment of the various jobs that I have done either as a trustee or getting my hands on refurbishing a bike or stuck in helping move to new premises for instance. But I have also been uplifted and enthused by the commitment shown by fellow volunteers and the practical results of much of the work that Recyke y’Bike does day to day.

There are many challenges to overcome too as a trustee and these are stimulating and offer a sense of achievement  as my professional  working career is coming towards its end.”


Volunteering as a trustee is a great way to use your existing skills to do good in your local community, gain new skills and experience and meet new people. Some employers will provide employees with dedicated time to fulfil their duties as a trustee and it’s a valuable addition to any CV. 


If you want to find out more about becoming a trustee at Recyke y’bike please contact We’re particularly interested in hearing from anyone with Human Resources or Health and Safety experience.