Top tips for buying bikes for kids

If you’re thinking of buying a bike as a Christmas gift this year here are our tips to help you make the right choice!
1. Sizing. If the child already has a bike check the wheel size (you’ll find it on the tyre) before going out to get a new one so that you can select the next size up. If it’s possible, take the child with you so that they can try the bikes for size. As well as considering if they can touch the floor and reach comfortably for the handle bars, also check that they can squeeze their brakes. Children with small hands sometimes struggle to reach the brake levers. This can often be solved with a simple adjustment of lever position.  If you find a good fit for the child you can always pop back later to pick the bike up so that they don’t know you’ve bought it!
2. Bike type. Match the type of bike you buy to the type of riding you think the bike will be mostly used for. If the child is going to be using the bike for playing out then a BMX is ideal. They’re super easy to maintain as there’s no gears to worry about and lots of fun. If you’re going for family bikes rides then gears become more important. If you’re serious about cycling then buying a lightweight bike is also important to help your child cover the distance or get up the hills!
3. Longevity. If you’ve got a big family and the bike is going to get passed down to younger children then it’s really worth investing in a good quality bike that will stand the test of time. Frog and Isla bikes are great choices but they are significantly more expensive. Hire schemes are available or keep an eye on our Facebook shop page to see if you can pick up a refurbished bargain!
4. Mechanical skills. A bike is a great way to help kids learn the basics so that they can identify and use tools and get curious about how things work. Teach them how to pump up their tyres, take their wheels off, patch a puncture and oil their chain! You’ll have loads of fun and they’ll learn some key life skills. Pick up a pump and a puncture kit when you buy the bike and, if you need help, there’s loads of YouTube videos that will cover the basics.
Happy cycling!