Top Tips for ride preparation

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Follow these tops tips to make sure your ride is safe and enjoyable!

Food. Have a good meal the night before, not too late, plenty of carbs. Pasta is always good. Never set out without taking some snacks too, even on short rides.

Plan a route. A dedicated bike GPS is great but any smart phone will do. Mount it on the handlebars and you can just follow the line. It’ll take the stress out of navigation and allow you to plan some more adventurous routes without the worry of getting lost.

Take spares. Always have spare inner tubes (the right size helps too), tyre levers and a pump. Make sure your tyres are the right pressure before leaving. It’ll reduce the chance of flats and will make the bike roll easier. If you’re not sure about dealing with punctures Neil’s short video will help you.