Why regular bike servicing makes sense

If you bought a new bike during the first lockdown of 2020 now is a great time to get it serviced so that it will keep serving you well next year! A basic service at Recyke y’bike starts at £40. A basic service at least twice a year is recommended to keep your bike in good working order if you’re riding regularly (which we hope you are!). 

Here are 4 key reasons why it makes sense to invest in regular servicing by a professional mechanic. 

  1. Safety: Unless you are an experienced mechanic you might miss a problem with your bike on your pre-ride check which leads to an issue when you’re out on a ride. At best this is a major inconvenience, at worst it could lead to injuries and damage to your bike. Bikes that are serviced regularly will be inspected, adjusted and lubricated to ensure a safe and stress-free ride. 
  2. Savings: Regular maintenance helps you to save money in the long term. You can catch problems early and make repairs as needed instead of getting hit with a large bill. For example, replacing the chain regularly prevents wear on more expensive components. Often, when customers bring bikes in for repairs which haven’t been regularly serviced, it can be more cost effective for them to buy a replacement bike rather than fix their existing bike. 
  3. Smoother Ride: Our mechanics will check key components such as the spokes, tyres, transmission and cables. Even minor adjustments can make a big difference to how your bike feels when you ride it.
  4. Sustainability: Look after your bike and it can last you 30+ years! Neglect it and it could end up unnecessarily on the scrap heap.

So don’t delay, bring your bike down to Recyke y’bike for a service today!